Prostate Massages

Prostate Massages

Let us start off by saying that this article is not what you think it is going to be. It is about the medical issue of prostatitis and how using a procedure such as prostate massage therapy can help you battle that medical issue. Starting off with an explanation of what prostatitis is for the uninformed viewer, it is a condition where the prostate becomes swollen and leads to issues with things such as ejaculation or urination, often causing immense pain in the process of either thing.

There are three major types of prostatitis that you should know about. First of all there is the chronic bacterial prostatitis. This is often seen in older men, particularly those that are sexually active, and is the result of a bacterial infection. The infection makes it especially difficult to ejaculate, urinate, or even poop without feeling an immense amount of pain. This can stay active for a few months, but may have an on and off reaction.

The second major type of prostatitis is acute bacterial prostatitis. This is the same as the previous type of prostatitis, but it is something that does not last quite as long and usually seems to come out of nowhere. People who suddenly feel immense pain in their prostate might suffer from this.

Finally there is the asymptomatic prostatitis. This is the most dangerous one as it often ends up becoming something bigger and becoming a larger threat to the person as the bacteria grows over time. This type has no active symptoms and can be hard to detect without a proper blood test being conducted.

These types of swellings can be helped quite a bit with a proper prostate massage. Relaxlism suggests that you get proper prostate massage therapy to bring down the swelling and fight the pain that is felt.

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