What You Need to Know About Birth Related Medical Negligence

What You Need to Know About Birth Related Medical Negligence

Now there are a lot of people out there who get hurt because of someone else’s negligence and in some cases, people even die because someone else couldn’t be a little bit more careful about what they were doing. These cases are pretty straight forward and a lot of lawyers in Florence SC will take them up as a no brainer since who’s at fault is usually clear as day. These cases are resolved when the wrong does compensates the plaintiff for their trouble, however, not all cases are that simple.

Sometimes birth is also filled under negligence and it can be just as damaging if not worse and in some cases, you can file a medical malpractice lawsuit for a wrongful pregnancy or just a wrongful birth. These cases can be perplexing and not every state even recognizes them as part of the law but here are a few examples of such cases.

Wrongful Pregnancy

Unwanted pregnancies are pretty common. People take all kinds of contraceptive precautions when engaging in sexual activity but sometimes one of the consenting adults takes contraception a bit lightly and the other partner doesn’t know, leading to wrongful pregnancy. The plaintiff can suffer damages that need compensation in these cases.

Wrongful Birth

Sometimes a conceiving couple isn’t informed about the serious birth defect their unborn child is developing while it’s still possible to abort them. In these cases, the couple can file a medical malpractice case against the medical practitioner who withheld this information from them.

Wrongful Life

Now here’s a case that only a very few states recognise. If a child is born into a difficult life due to the parent’s neglectful behaviour or a case of a wrongful birth, the child can sue the parents and doctors for a wrongful life.

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