A guide to aerial photography

A guide to aerial photography

All of you must know what aerial photography is and for those who don’t know here’s a small definition of aerial photography.

What is aerial photography?

The term aerial photography could be defined as taking pictures from the sky by the drones. Before drones were introduced, the pictures were captured from an airplane or from the helicopter. Few years it wasn’t a common type of photography only few people used to have drones. There were few drone companies UAE, but now the number of companies has increased and more and more people are learning drone photography Dubai. Drones were first used for the productions that had high budgets but now it has become a very common type of photography and it is now almost used in every event. It is used to capture the most beautiful moments of the wedding and it could also be used to capture the moment on the birthday party. They are inexpensive, all you need for the aerial photography is a drone and the highly skilled person who knows all the rules and regulations of flying the drone.

Applications of aerial photography

Aerial photography has a use in number of fields. We have mentioned few of them in this article.

  • Planning
  • Occasions
  • Cases of law
  • Survey of land
  • Wildlife
  • Production of movies and series.
  • Geography
  • Planning of urban structure
  • Real estate
  • Field of construction
  • Business
  • Artwork
  • Weddings
  • Birthday parties
  • Company’s events
  • Real estate
  • Construction

Rules and regulations that must be follow while using the drone

When you are doing something legally, you have to follow some rules and regulations. For Drone photography, every country has provided some guidelines which has to be strictly followed by every person who is flying the drone.

Dubai is one of the countries which plays an active role in the manufacturing of drones. When you buy a drone either for the purpose of enjoyment or for commercial use, your first step should be to register the drone so you can fly it legally. There is a flying limit set by every country and it is not allowed to fly the drones at night or near the public or private property. Drone film makers must have the license of flying the drones legally.

Hope these tips would be helpful enough for you, if you are starting the drone filmmaking business.