The different types of kebabs available these days

The different types of kebabs available these days

Kebabs are one of the most famous and delicious dishes among other cuisines. This dish is an essential part of every event like a wedding, birthday party, anniversary, or even corporate events. Every event is incomplete without kebabs. This dish is eaten with bread, rice, and chappatis too.

Kebabs originally belong to Persia, but now they are famous all over the world. It is a meat dish that has various varieties. Here, in this article, we will talk about the different types of kebabs.

Rotating Kebab:

This is the best kebab in Abu Dhabi, which is also known as doner kebab in the world. It is used in shawarma that is an Arabic dish. Over the past few years, shawarmas have become a popular fast food dish all over the world; people of every age like to eat this food.

Shish Kebab:

Shish is one of the most popular and delicious kebabs. Shish kebabs are known for their unique and different taste. Shish is a Turkish word, which means skewer, and meat is the name of kebab. You can use salad and steamed vegetables with shish kebabs to enhance its deliciousness. This type of kebabs is the first choice of everyone as compare to others.

Kakori Kebab:

Kakori is a place, which is located in Uttar Pradesh India. This kebab is belonged to this place and is known for its delicious taste. The skewer is used to cook this kebab with minced meat. Indian people take it with bread or Indian roti.

Kathi Kebab:

This is another most popular Indian dish, which is cooked in tandoor. The foreigners love to eat this food when they visit India for vacations.  Over a couple of decades, this dish has become a part of every event.

Chapli Kebab:

This type of kebab is belonged to Pakistan and now popular all over the world. This dish is also known as chappal kebab. The minced meat of beef and special ingredients are used to cook this dish.

Burra Kebab:

Burrah kebab was an essential part of Mughlai cuisines known for their unique tastes and spices. There are specific spices are used in beef for developing its taste. This dish does not only famous in the south of Asia, but other parts of Asia also like this dish.

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