How to use epoxy resin


Epoxy resin is plastic type glue that comes in two forms; powder and liquid hardener. Epoxy bonds with metal as well as wood, and is used in the construction of many different products.

  • When using Epoxy Resin, ensure that the area you will be gluing is clean and dry; the temperature should not be too hot or too cold.
  • Once you have prepared the surface to be glued, you will mix the Epoxy. Mostly you will have to mix at 1 part hardener and 5 parts resin; mix the two together in measurements that are exact as possible for best results. For more accurate measurements using plastic syringes could be a good idea especially for small projects where you will not need a lot of Epoxy.
  • While mixing, try to mix only what you will be using within a short period of time. Large quantities Epoxy will put off poisonous fumes, heating up and may cause a fire. If you must mix a large quantity, mix it in a big metal container. Another disadvantage to mixing too much at the same time is that it will begin to harden before you can use it. Probably mixing several batches and eliminate the waste of having a large batch harden before it can be used is a sensible thing to do.
  • Mixing of the hardener and powder together will require a large wooden spoon or a wooden stick, depending on how much you are mixing. Continue to stir until the mixture is well blended, but not for so long that it begins to harden.
  • Once mixed, the Epoxy remains usable for only about 15 minutes and when its consistency becomes like gel you will have to discard it and mix some new one. Temperature will also influence the duration of the mixture to be used; in cool temperature it will take longer to harden and in hot, it will harden even faster than 15 minutes.
  • After applying the Epoxy Resin it will completely harden to plastic within about 7 hours. The substance will further continue to harden for approximately one week after application.

Epoxy Resin is an exceptionally versatile adhesive, which if used correctly provides a strong bond with metals or wood.

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